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Do you only do pre made arrangements?

No, what you see available are examples of what we can put together. We can make arrangements as needed , for a special occasion, wedding bouquet or just for your home decor, where you can request colour themes that would suit your project or requirement.

Currently not, as a small local business we work on a collection only basis

It all depends where you keep them and how well you look after them, but it can be anywhere from 6 month to 12 months, sometimes even longer.

Dried flowers cost a bit more upfront but give great value for money as they last for so much longer than fresh flowers. Preparing dried flowers takes more time than fresh flowers, wiring, storage and more that makes the production cost higher. But think of it this way £30 on a dried flower bouquet that last 6 to 12 months, compared to £10 every three weeks for fresh flowers (that would be £260 over 6 months to keep the vase full of fresh flowers).

You can place your dried flower almost anywhere in your home as they do not need natural light like fresh flowers.

Most pets won’t be tempted to eat dried flowers as they don’t taste nice and are brittle. Some flowers may still have trace elements that could make your cat or dog a little unwell (stomach upset) if they eat a few of them. But don’t worry , we have many plants that are pet safe when fresh and also dried, tell us if you’re worried and we can put together a pet friendly arrangement (though this will limit what flowers you can have included).

Most of our dried flowers dry naturally or in environmentally friendly silica and retain their colour. Some of our flowers need a little bit more of a touch up to add that extra colour. We use water based , florist sprays when needed.

We love gardening, all our flowers are grown at our home to bring our garden to life each year, and some grow near our home where we forage wildflowers carefully and respectfully. This makes our arrangement more environmentally friendly, sustainable and helps us keep costs reasonable and more affordable.

The flowers are dried as picked, some have spray colouring added for those flowers that fade to much during the drying process. Some flower we also place on artificial stems , to ensure they stay strong and flexible in your arrangements , as some flowers stems don’t dry well naturally, shrinking and often breaking.

Not everything, but most of our materials are sourced so they are. We use wool foam blocks’, cardboard vases, paper wrap and hemp twines along with wood or cooper framings, all things that can be recycled or have longevity to minimise waste and environmental impact. We offer a arrangement refresh as well on some products , giving your existing arrangement a spruce at a reduced cost, by using as much of your previously brought materials, (existing wire stems, foam and boxes and the flowers that are still looking good) , by adding some new free dried blooms, it extends the life of your arrangement and avoids materials going to recycling or landfill continuously.

No , all our flowers are grown on our property garden, we have quite a bit but every year we only have a limited stock of each variety of flower, subject to that year’s growing conditions, once they run out, they are gone till the following flowering year.

Keep them out of very moist rooms e.g bathrooms, if they get damp they will be subject to going mouldy over time and won’t last as long for you.

They will be ok in warmer rooms, like conservatories, but will fade and lose colour quicker when exposed to long period of time in the Sun and higher heat temperatures .

No. They’re delicate and brittle as they are dried, and feel similar to paper. Keep them away from live flame , e.g. candles as they are not fire proof.

If they get dusty with time, give them a quick blow dry with your hair dryer (keep it on cold and a slow setting) remember they are delicate like paper.

Dried flowers are a good choice for hay fever suffers as they do not contain any pollen.

Some varieties are perennial and have a home in our garden year round, most other flowers we grow from seed. We avoid pesticides and harmful chemicals, choosing to garden using natural pest deterrents, birds, other insects, and mammals that come and feast in our garden. We use locally provided manure , our grass cuttings and leaf mulch for soil conditioning , and as needed we make use of seaweed feed to give our flowers that boost they sometimes needs midyear.

Yes , we offer a refresh on some products as this is a great way to minimise the impact of materials used on the environment, if you bring your arrangement back to us with all the materials we can give it a refresh for you, this will cost you less and let you enjoy your arrangement for many more months / years to come, as you need, and also even change it up a little, as new flowers may be different from those you originally had. Contact us for pricing.